PayPal Extra Payments

******ATTENTION****** When you have made an initial paymenton a service usually a PayPal autopayprofile is set up also. The payments are then sent to us accordingly on thescheduled day. Please do not make another payment onthe service as this just results inextra payments sent to us every month. This takes up our valuable time tryingto ... Read More »

18th Aug 2019
Pre Help Ticket Checklist.

*****ANNOUNCEMENT***** This will be long but very important. We are receiving numerous help ticketsthat state you cannot login with user/password. We realize that because youruser/password are computer generatedand they use the letters "i" and "L"and the number 1 as well as "g" and "q",they are very hard to discern. If you are getting an ... Read More »

5th Aug 2019
Prime service requirement

Everyone purchasing Prime Service whether you are a new subscriber or just adding/upgrading service, the Ace TV all-in-one app is required to access the service. It can also be accessed with the smarters app or on a browser with the webplayer. How to watch Ace TV Service

29th Jul 2019
Failure to cancel Paypal

If you happen to cancel a service but fail to cancel the paypal autopay payment attached to the service, paypal will continue to send us that payment every month. You must log onto paypal and cancel the autopay profile for the service you cancelled. Aditionally if you put in a dispute with Paypal without contacting us first for resolution will ... Read More »

28th Jul 2019
Ace TV Premium update

****ATTENTION**** As of 8/1/19 Ace TV Premiumwill no longer be available.The service will run to the endof you current term then WILLNOT be renewed. So if your subscriptionruns to 8/14 it will work untilthen but not after. If you are on a 6 moor 1yr sub it will run till the end.The billing will be cancelled.If you want to continue to receive IPTV ... Read More »

23rd Jul 2019
New Ace TV All-In-One App

I suggest everyone installl the new Ace TV all-in-one app when they have a chance. This will remedy alot of issues especially if you have recently switched service tiers and might not have the correct app. Plus if you ever wanted to add or change in the future it is compatible with all of the services. How to watch Ace TV Service.

17th Jul 2019
Thank for visiting our website Hope you enjoy your service

Welcome to the Ace Tv Services website. We are now offering our newest Ace Tv Service called Ace Tv Prime.  We don't offer any type or refund. If you have an issue with the service please fill out a help ticket. You can reach us at telegram  We have a new Smarters app that can be downloaded on the ... Read More »

2nd Jun 2019