When you have made an initial payment
on a service usually a PayPal autopay
profile is set up also. The payments
are then sent to us accordingly on the
scheduled day.

Please do not make another payment on
the service as this just results in
extra payments sent to us every month.
This takes up our valuable time trying
to straighten out the payments. We understand
that alot of you made payments as the result
of an invoice reminder that you had
received. We have eliminated the reminders
as most of you are on autopay anyway.

It is actually more of a hassle to
everyone when the extra payments are
made. You have to go on PayPal and
cancel the extra automatic payment profile.
We have back out payments, and either
credit them to the account or process
them for refunds. And although when
we refund you a payment you get your full
payment back, PayPal still hits us with
a fee. So we are losing out just doing a

We are asking everyone to check
their PayPal account for extra payment
profiles. You should cancel any that
pay on a day other than your billing due
date (give or take a day). Or if you receive
an invoice paid email on a day other than
your due day, then you probably have extra

If your not sure about your billing date
feel free to ask us. If your not sure that
you are even on autopay, its actually better
to let you due day pass and if paypal
is on schedule you will receive an invoice
paid email. If you get an invoice overdue notice,
no problem then just go onto the site and pay
the invoice and you should be all set
going forward.

Thank You,
Ace TV Team

Sunday, August 18, 2019

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